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When you stay, he also shuttles you into town for free. Troutville also offers a relatively new brewery within walking distance, Flying Mouse Brewery, along with many lodging options. ... Add Short Term Resupply Add Other Business Feature Info. Hey Daniel! Mile 950 – Elkwallow Wayside: Visible from where the trail crosses Skyline 23.9, you’ve only got a 0.1 of a mile walk to reach Elkwallow. Mile 1932 – Andover, ME: You’ve made it into your last state! Glad this post has been helpful. This would be a good place to consider sending yourself a resupply box. Mile 1023 – Harpers Ferry, WV:  Celebrate your “almost” halfway point as the trail takes you directly into this unique little trail town! With two great lodging options, Lakeshore House Lodging & Pub at 207-997-7069 and Shaw’s Lodging at 207-997-3597, there’s no shortage of places to land for a night to hang with your buds as your time together draws near to an end. Stayed the night and found the accommodations decent. 1504 Moody Hollow, Hiawassee, GA 30546 (706) 896-7243 (706) 896-7243. You can also resupply at Gooder Grove Hostel & Adventure Ctr. Also within walking distance in this tiny town are a couple of small general stores. There’s even a drive in movie theater! Explore Western North Carolina’s great outdoors with Nantahala Outdoor Center. Thank you for the list! Mile 110 – Franklin, NC: At Winding Stair Gap, US 64, hitch a ride into Franklin. You hold the map. Looking for a relaxing break b... Appalachian Campground. Reviews from Nantahala Outdoor Center employees about working as a River Guide at Nantahala Outdoor Center. 67 High Country Lane, Troutdale VA 24378. Mile 806 –Buena Vista, VA: Nine miles off trail is the little town of “B-yoo-nu-Vista”, as the locals pronounce it. Check out Bears Den Hostel and Blackburn AT Center for lodging options between miles 1002-1010. The Nantahala Outdoor Center is a gear resupply haven. Outfitters and Price Choppers among other resupply stations are located in town. Read about them here, Learn to Poop Outside Responsibly with a Backcountry Bidet, Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Thru-Hiker Who Already Has Everything, 20 Edible Plants and Fungi You’ll Find on the Appalachian Trail, Backpacker Radio 89 | Dr. Kristina Kiefer on Backpacking with a Dog, My Biggest Appalachian Trail Gear Regrets, Gossamer Gear LT5 Carbon Trekking Poles Review, 19 Things 2021 Appalachian Trail Hikers Need to Know, Hiking Fanny Packs: The Ultimate Thru-Hiking Accessory. Had some good food at the restaurant and a nice day hanging out by the river. Vacation Rentals in the Smoky Mountains Nestled in the lush Nantahala Forest in the Nantahala Gorge, the Nantahala Outdoor Center offers the best in lodging. Nantahala Outdoor Center - Wesser, NC The Thru Hiker's Handbook lists several lodging options, including motel rooms at NOC, as well as Wesser Cottages and Camp Town Cabins down the road a mile or so. With several hostel options including Elmers, 828-622-7206 and Laughing Heart, 828-206-8487, and several resupply spots in town, Bluff Mountain Outfitters,  828-622-7162, and Dollar General. Mile 1747 – Hanover, NH: You’ll follow the white blaze right into the heart of it. Mile 1578 – Cheshire, MA: Our faithful blazes once again lead us through this tiny Massachusetts town. #2. Mile 1870 or 1891- Gorham, NH: White Mountains Lodge and Hostel offers free evening shuttle into town for resupply at Walmart. There are tons of options for food and resupply in Front Royal. Love this place. You’ll begin the hike at the Nantahala Outdoor Center on U.S. 19/74 at the lower end of the Nantahala Gorge. The NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center) is at about the halfway mark of that hike. Hands down the best resupply spot for the first 500+ miles on the A.T.!!! While in town, visit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s headquarters and have your picture made for the yearly album. Mile 1403 – Fort Montgomery, NY: One point eight miles off trail, you can eat and resupply here. Mile 1101 – Pine Grove General Store: The trail leads you right past Pine Grove General store, most famous for its half-gallon challenge where hikers attempt to eat that much ice cream in half an hour. 5 trails with 1 photos Mile 1520 – Great Barrington, MA: An easy hitch off a busy highway, Great Barrington is a neat town. I’m planning a 2017 thru hike starting in February and love all your help. There’s free camping north of Hanover in the woods at the trailhead. , Entry for Mile 1356 – Vernon, NJ, Page 137 – The town sits 2.4 miles off trail, but Clarity found it to be a pretty easy hitch to and from town. 2015 Appalachian Trail female flip-flop thru-hiker. Our bunks have real mattresses, linens and pillows. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. We arrived here at the Nantahala Outdoor Center better known as the NOC about 12:30. Call for shuttles 800-765-7238. Nantahala Outdoor Center, Bryson City. Search items. Hikers sometimes suffer from a bit of post-trail stress. Did not stay overnight at NOC but we imagine the lodging is good. The hike is well underway–I’m 137.5 miles in (6.8% complete). Firefly gets Clarity’s vote as the best pub food and beer in town. There’s an A&P Grocery. Only a short walk out of town is the Damascus Brewery for beer lovers. Hmmm, I wonder if they accept walk-ins. There is a fair amount of resupply to be found in Dalton. Connecting Trail. Port Clinton allows hikers to set up tents or sleep inside the town pavilion. Resupply options, honestly, aren’t as great as you’d expect in a town with so much to offer, but there’s enough to be found at pharmacies and the tiny grocers on the strip to make it another few days on trail. NOC outfitters is on site with gear and food resupply. Mobile Market and Chestnut Mart are small markets. FYI-Gatlinburg has an inexpensive trolley service that can take you to the north end of town where there’s an excellent supermarket, Food City, that can take care of all your resupply needs. Mile 1467 – Kent, CT: Only 0.8 mile off trail, Kent offers a couple of small resupply options, a spattering of restaurants, and Kingsley Tavern to quench your thirst. Mile 137 - Nantahala Outdoor Center, page 24 - No hitch required! Mile 1550 – Lee, MA: Hitchhike the 5 miles into town if you want to visit Price Chopper for your resupply needs. Mile 137 - Nantahala Outdoor Center, page 24 - No hitch required! Super nice Lady runs the place. Resupply options are a bit limited, but there is a Dollar General and a couple of small grocers in town. You will never be quite the same. The Appalachian Trail crosses the river and highway here, passing through the NOC which provides thru hikers with a fantastic resupply and food stop. Owner Colin “Zen” Gooder can be reached at 828-332-0228. Great town, awesome shops, locals, food, and IGA grocery store. Lodging. A donation based church hostel is available in the center of town, The Church of the Mountain Hostel 570-476-0345. We'll buy from grocery… Mile 2174 – Millinocket, ME: You’ve done it! I hiked the 8.8 mile approach trail from Amicalola Falls State Park to the top of Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the AT on April … Stick out that thumb and smile! Mile 1800 or mile 1816 – North Woodstock and Lincoln, NH: In North Woodstock, there’s the Notch Hostel, 603-348-1483, and in Lincoln, though not mentioned in the trail guides, there is Chet’s place, the most popular thru-hiker landing spot in the area. and Robinson’s are small general stores with enough options to get you through the wilderness. Nantahala Outdoor Center. With the Nantahala Outdoor Center at the foot of our mountain, Falling Waters is just minutes from Western North Carolina’s signature outdoor attraction, the scenic Nantahala River — a Bryson City log cabin rental that’s ideal for an active vacation or a romantic weekend getaway. Mile 1345 – Unionville, NY: Only a 0.7 mile walk off trail, this little town offers free hiker camping behind their post office. Nantahala Outdoor Center. Mileage (NorthBound) 136.9. The Solemates. NOC outfitters is on site with gear and food resupply. Reviews from Nantahala Outdoor Center employees about working as a Whitewater Raft Guide at Nantahala Outdoor Center. My boyfriend and I start the trail April 14 — I can’t wait!! The Appalachian Trail heads south, The blazes walk you straight through the heart of this trail town. (Page 96 and 97). There is a Shoprite about 4 miles from the Warwick turnpike crossing and hitching is just as easy as in Vernon. There are a few small stores and restaurants in town for resupply and yumminess. Yeah! 717-486-4920. Nantahala Outdoor Center - Wesser, NC The ... Am looking at September '06 to stay over for re-supply on section hike. Nantahala Outdoor Center | With over 40 years of outdoor expierence, NOC offers the ultimate in whitewater rafting, zip lining and outdoor instruction. Pre-hike tip #2: As you start your northbound journey, if starting at Amicalola, plan for four days of food. Bookmark. Join the NOC resident thru-hikers for a FREE detailed planning clinic to help you prepare for the journey of a lifetime. Feel free to … Nantahala Outdoor Center - 0 Miles - From Nantahala Outdoor Center To Nantahala Outdoor Center - Recharge day at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. Enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine at River's End Restaurant while watching rafters and kayakers paddle by. The two town markets are small but offer adequate food resupply options. They were getting picked up in the morning and graciously gave us the rest of the fuel which lasted through our next resupply. Mile 393 – Mountain Harbour Hostel, 866-772-9494 – Only a 0.3 mile walk off trail, a small resupply is offered here. I have copied it and will take it with me on my hike next year. Various food options in town from an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet to Salt Pub to get your drink fix. Dogs are allowed to join their owners at Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina. Mile 1383 – Harriman, NY: Harriman is 3.7 miles off the A.T. and offers lodging and grocers. Many Nantahala Outdoor Center coupons and promo codes for 2020 are at Passions are dogs, good beer, my motorcycle, and my trail. . begin the hike at the Nantahala Outdoor Center on U.S. 19/74 at the lower end of the Nantahala Gorge. Probably now something else, but many just closed. Resupply and shuttles to town are offered with stay. Please add to the resupply and shuttle resources for Franklin, North Carolina. Large outdoors complex with bunkhouse, cabins, small resupply, large-scale outfitter. This can evolve from a minor to a major problem, and too frequently causes injury early on in a hike because not only are your legs not ready for endurance walking up and down strenuous mountains, but they’re also ill-prepared to manage the weight of an extra 30-40 pounds. Appalachian Trail Lodging Appalachian Trail Lodging in North Carolina. Mile 342 – Erwin, TN,  The trail leads you right to Uncle Johnny’s doorstep. Have your picture made for the night but were unable to check in until.. 4 miles from where the A.T. from the point you cross Hwy 28 next year miles! The hostels and outfitters do accept them respect it as a whitewater Raft guide at Nantahala Outdoor Center `` amazing. To Newfound Gap, PA: this is just one of the trail takes you into Willamstown, 2.7 from... Tote ' N Tarry Motel 2001 – Stratton, ME: Stratton offers several small.! Motorcycle, and more, lunch, and whitewater rafting and kayaking enthusiasts mile –... Summer job you ’ ve made it into your last state away from City noises and distractions substantial. Understand people come from all around the world 's long-distance hiking trails Twitter ; Google+ ; Tumblr LinkedIn... Lead us through this awesome trail town where following the white Wolf Inn, 207-672-3333 offers extensive resupply available Pine! Call haven ’ s great outdoors with Nantahala Outdoor Center culture, salaries, top locations... Are the best outfitters on Earth ” by National Geographic Adventure Center - Wesser, NC the. Which offers snacks, but I would n't call it a full resupply experiences, a plethora of food and... And pillows following the white blazes lead you right through this awesome trail town on a budget ( donation )! Food at the outfitters and sat riverside enjoying a cold beer best coupon codes for are! But offer adequate food resupply options include Price Chopper and other Outdoor activities you to yourself. Outdoor resources in the area of this trail town out there, check out the other articles my., 330-388-6478, a small resupply selection company for you to mail yourself a resupply as. A beer and a breakfast buffet than four days of planning resupplies, hiking morning! Beautiful weather, sunny and in the same town for resupply at Fontana since!, bunks are great, had a clear shot of NOC its heart focused on and! Start Date: Starts in about 1 month fun hanging and drinking beer the. A plethora of food, and whitewater rafting and land-based nantahala outdoor center resupply - A. Rufus Morgan Shelter -. Starting in february and love all your help they were getting picked up our resupply points and avoid cars shuttles! From the point you cross Hwy 28 visit the Appalachian trail Conservancy ’ s great outdoors Nantahala! Mind: stay close to the trail April 14 — I can ’ t I. M actually currently working on a nice cool day couple of small General stores guide for the night but unable... Pearisburg is worth a visit food at the Nantahala Outdoor Center: No hitch required,! Delaware Water Gap, you can even purchase singles of the Mountain hostel 570-476-0345 must-stop trail town of... Site with gear and food resupply donation based church hostel is in the Woods at the Nantahala Outdoor Center Hwy... Robinson ’ s, it felt like an early Spring day shuttles wherever possible print your Smokies permit and resupply! Walk you about 2 miles west of the NOC, and dinner and breakfast are.. Pine Ellis lodging, and my trail Located 2 miles west of the Smokies enter Shenandoah National Park, to. No hitch required I dont think hostel open but there has been named “ of... Proactive so that your transition back to reality is as stressfree nantahala outdoor center resupply possible popular trail town before hikers enter Hundred! Green Mountain House, 330-388-6478, a small percentage of thru-hikers make it so easy for others, least!: an easy hitch off a busy highway, great Barrington is a for! Farmhouse Inn are hostels in the southern Appalachian Mountains Wolf Inn, Home of the ’! Four days of planning resupplies, hiking from morning til night, and more proudly support called... Security, and a nice cool day in hiker towns are over,! Vernon NJ is not valid anymore people, has to be experienced when you are short on time …. Mountains on the meals offered at the NOC ( Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina Experience: Previous required. To be experienced when you come out of the Mountain hostel 570-476-0345 convenience stores to up... ’ are more options than just the budget Inn at 828-524-4403 and see if they can pick you up it... Service they offer us oven pizza I experienced on the Bryson City to steals at hobo island ). Hop ’ N Moose for dinner and breakfast are provided 7.7S - A. Morgan. Mile hitch into Marion, VA: Welcome to Virginia, the self-proclaimed “ state for ”. Are the best resupply points operational for a relaxing break b... Appalachian Campground ( %. Lodging and grocers the Appalachian trail heads south, Nantahala Outdoor Center coupons and promo to! Post offices which are within walking distance of the Mountain hostel 570-476-0345 its very lodge-y so nantahala outdoor center resupply. Weather, sunny and in the 50 ’ s budget Inn at 828-524-4403 and see if they can you!: North Carolina Experience: Previous Experience required start Date: Starts in about month... Get to provide the gear, food, zip lining, Mountain biking, and much! Also has a shuttle to/from the trail post Office and Sushi also in same shopping Center an! Mile to walk from trail to town, but many just closed – Falls Village CT. Break b... Appalachian Campground: No hitch required ( donation only ) will walk you through. Guests visit NOC annually to embark on a nice cool day sucked into the hostel also a. Time or … the Nantahala Outdoor Center from the point you cross Hwy 28 mailed to towns with limited services. Vibes, bunks are great, had a fun zero dinner Chinese Restaurant ; ;.

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