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Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier - Elbit Systems-IVECO VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6, 5. The Hyundai HDF-2600 Jose Rizal-class Frigate of the Philippine Navy. Photo shared to MaxDefense exclusively by sources. We also showed what appears to be the lack of access or openings for a future Towed Array Sonar System (TASS), which is usually present when such system is in place, or planned to be placed in the future. We thank our sources for providing these information and finally clarify the issue. Darussalam-class offshore patrol vessel, Brunei Martadinata-class frigate, Indonesia Kyan Sittha-class frigate, Myanmar Jose Rizal-class frigate, Philippines Formidable-class frigate, Singapore Bhumibol Adulyadej–class frigate, Thailand Đinh Tiên Hoàng-class Defence & Aerospace – Supply and Services, Bangladesh Army becomes the launch customer for VT-5 light tank, New generation armoured vehicles for Bangladesh Army, Turkey offers warship technology to Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Navy warships undergo extensive refit, Bangladesh Air Show secures presence of international aircraft makers, Bangladesh-United States of America Relations, Kilo Class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine. For the main issue: The Jose Rizal-class was confirmed to have space and power allocation for TASS. 10 July 2020. Instead of being mounted on the deck flooring or on a pedestal, the TASS would be on a frame that is ceiling-mounted, with HHI providing extra support on the stern and on the Steering Gear Room's ceiling to carry the TASS while also allowing for fixing it even when the ship rolls. Just goes to show who is trying his best to search for the right answer more than anyone else. The ships are heavily modified derivative of HDF-3000 frigate design (officially known as HDF-2600 Frigate Design) from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) with design specifically accommodated to fit the requirements of the Philippine Navy. Photo taken from Navania. Based on the information provided by our source, which was reaffirmed by an industry source : - the opening will only be made once the Philippine Navy acquires the TASS. The Department of National Defense (DND) of the Republic of the Philippines signed a contract with HHI to build two light frigates in October 2016. Photo taken from South Korea's Defense Times page. Kia KM250 6x6 Trucks (completed) - Kia KM250, 1. HHI's Unsolicited Offer: Jose Rizal-class Flight II According to MaxDefense's naval and defense sources, the HHI offer was actually an improved Jose Rizal-class frigate, with enhancements made on the sensors and subsystems, performance, weapon systems, and added features that goes with the … The main gun and all other guns and missile/torpedo launchers, as well as major sensors are not yet installed. * Product for Delivery: HDF-2600 frigate (Jose Rizal-class) * Contract Price: Php15,744,571,584.00 * Residual Amount: Php255,428,416.00 * Expected Delivery: PN expects first ship by May 2020, second by September/October 2020. Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS), * 8.1. The programme’s first-of-class, which is in service as BRP José Rizal (150), was launched at the same location in May 2019. Separately, MaxDefense sources provided us an exclusive photo of the ship during its keel laying. At an estimated unit cost of less than $170 million the “Jose Rizal-class frigate” built by the Hyundai Heavy Industries for the Philippine Navy is a worthy light frigate or guided missile corvette solution for the Bangladesh Navy as well. MaxDefense advises its readers to keep track of our FB page for any info on the launching date. The first of the Jose Rizal-class frigate, which is sailing with relief supplies donated by Korean government, is set to be commissioned with the Philippine Navy on May 23, 2020. GoodNews : Philippines to soon receive delivery of first Jose Rizal-class frigate - Duration: ... Philippine Coast Guard Modernization Updates 2020 - List of Patrol Vessels - Duration: 6:49. Attack Helicopter (Phase 2) - TAI T129B ATAK, 7. Field Ambulance (Phase 3) (completed) - Kia KM451, 5. HHI's avoidance of paying for Liquidated damages. The Jose Rizal frigate was launched in 2019 by HHI in Ulsan and started sea trials in South Korean waters in November last year. BANGLADESH'S MOST TRUSTED DEFENCE RESOURCE. HHI also posted some infographics on the ship during the launching ceremonies. With the South Korean MOD stepping in as a guarantor, it only means that the South Korean government will make sure that even if HHI and Hanwha Systems failed to have the frigate certified for compatibility with Link 16, it will make sure it will still happen in the future despite no deadline being provided. South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) delivered the first Jose Rizal-class frigate for the Philippine Navy (PN), with the ship departing HHI’s shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea on 18 May 2020, and arriving in Subic Port in the Philippines on 23 May 2020. The frigate is transporting a shipment of COVID-19 relief supplies donated by the Korean government as part of its campaign to assist countries that participated in the Korean War. Close Air Support Aircraft (Phase 1) (completed) - Embraer A-29B Super Tucano, 3. Super Rapid main naval gun; ▪︎ 1 x Aselsan SMASH 30mm secondary naval gun system; ▪︎ 2 x SEA (J+S) TLS triple torpedo launching system; ▪︎ 2 x MBDA Simbad-RC twin VSHORAD launchers; ▪︎ Hensoldt TRS-3D Baseline D 3D air/surface surveillance radar system; ▪︎ Kelvin Hughes Sharpeye X&S-band navigation/surface search radar; ▪︎ Elisra NS9003A Aquamarine R-ESM system; ▪︎ 2 x Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs). Middle and above photo from Hyundai Heavy Industries. Jose Rizal class – an excellent corvette option for the Bangladesh Navy. ( Having the Super Rapid Gun fitted to BRP Jose Rizal and the BRP Antonio Luna (FF-151) -- currently being built -- is ideal as PN personnel are already trained in the maintenance of 76mm guns and compatible with the current munition inventory. Fighter/Surface Attack Aircraft/Lead-in Fighter Trainer (F/SAA/LIFT) Munitions, * 9.1. Multi-Purpose Armored Personnel Carriers, 3. See: The Hyundai HDF-2600 Jose Rizal-class Frigate of the Philippine Navy BRP Jose Rizal Frigate The frigate is 107 metres long and 14 BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150) The José Rizal-class is derived from HHI’s HDF-3000 design, which is in turn a variant of the Incheon-class frigates commissioned into … Frigate 1 P159 as of October 2018, as the entire keel of the ship takes shape. Fighter / Surface Attack Aircraft / Lead-in Fighter Trainer Phase 1 (completed) - Korea Aerospace Industries FA-50PH Fighting Eagle light combat aircraft, 9. For those having difficulty accessing the original site from Korea Herald, MaxDefense was able to screengrab the report in English version. All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) (completed) - Can-Am Commander Max ATV, 18. The primary search radar Hensoldt TRS-3D Baseline D multi-mode phased array C-band radar. It was also confirmed separately to MaxDefense that the Hanwha Defense Systems Naval Shield Baseline 2 Combat Management System is already installed on the ship, but is still undergoing development works. Earlier, the PN said the Oto Melara 76mm Rapid Gun was selected for the Jose Rizal-class frigates due to its high rate of fire and its ability to shoot down air targets like missiles. Frigates Lot 2C Sub-Lot 1 - 76mm Ammunition - EXPAL Systems Ctg 76mm/62 cal HEPD & TP Ammunition, * 1.5. © DEFSECA.COM 2020 - The Bangladesh Defence Analyst defence portal & digital magazine. The Jose Rizal class frigates are 2,600-ton ships armed with a 76mm gun and a SMASH 30mm autocannon RWS (Remotely Operated System). This dimension of the project towed body is very much similar to the Thales CAPTAS 2 towed array sonar designed for ships less than 3,000 tonnage like the Jose Rizal-class. MaxDefense also noted that as per our last check, 8 module blocks are still for installation to complete the frigate's structure. This photo has been with MaxDefense since November 2018, but was requested to be kept confidential. In the interview, he mentioned that the launching could happen between 17 and 19 May 2019 in HHI's yard in Ulsan, South Korea, and that he and Defense Sec. MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Navy's first ever missile-capable warship, the future BRP Jose Rizal, hit the water on Thursday, May 23, during a launching ceremony in South Korea. More pre-delivery photos of the frigate Jose Rizal (FF-150) were made available to the public. First steel cutting to launching is almost exactly 1 year, which appears to be on track with the last schedule commitments HHI made to the DND and PN. The Bangladesh Navy owned shipyards such as Khulna Shipyard and Chittagong Dry Dock Ltd can embark on the project with Hyundai Heavy Industries. BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150) is the lead ship of her class, ordered for the Philippine Navy. First photo from Korean media outlet of the Jose Rizal-class frigate, the future BRP Antonio Luna (FF-151) for the Philippine Navy, which is scheduled for launching today. Second photo shows stern with "Jose Rizal" painted. Infographics posted by HHI during the ship launching ceremony. 40mm Automatic Grenade Launchers (completed) - ST Kinetics CIS 40 40mm AGL, 39. Jose Rizal Class Frigate : The Jose Rizal-class frigate is a class of two multi-role semi-stealth frigates to be built for the Philippine Navy, the ships are the derivatives of HDF-3000 frigate design (officially known as HDF-2600 Frigate Design) from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) with design specifically accommodated to fit the requirements of the Philippine Navy. A contract was signed between the DND and HHI on 24 October 2016. This set-up is also impossible for any containerized mission modules, so these type of TASS are definitely out of the picture. M113 Firepower Upgrade (completed) - Elbit Systems ORCWS 12.7mm RCWS and Cardom 81mm Mortar System, 2018.02. 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle Acquisition Proje... Light Tank Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army. Officials from the Department of National Defense, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Navy were present during the ceremonies. MPAC (Batch 4) Combat Systems & Capability Upgrade Lot 1 - Weapons Systems - Rafael Advance Systems Typhoon MLS-ER, Mini Typhoon 12.7mm RCWS, Spike-ER surface-to-surface missiles. The report also confirmed the worry of the South Korean defense industry that the issue could cause controversy in the future, and that "international confidence in domestic (Korean) defense companies will decrease" if this issue is not resolved, an that "it needs attention". Please Login. By visiting this website you agree to all ToS and policies. This propulsion system provides a maximum speed of approximately 25 knots and can travel up to 4,500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 15 knots and can sustain operational presence for 30 days. The Rizal-class is based on HDF-3000 ship design of HHI. All photos taken from the Philippine Navy's FB page. 7-meter Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) with Outboard Motors (2018) (completed) - Trenton 7m RHIB, 2. Based on info we received, interior works are also in full blast as HHI wanted as much accomplishment to be made before launching, despite works can be made even if the ship is already at dockside after launching. 5, Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Upgrade Phase 1 - Weapon Systems Upgrade (completed) - QinetiQ Ltd. 14. The FFX-I HDF-3000 frigate design from HHI, which became the basis for the ROKN's Incheon-class frigates. First photo shows "150" painted on the hull of the ship, confirming our report last January 2019. To build up its naval capabilities, replace ageing assets, and modernize its forces, the Philippine Navy embarked on the acquisition of new frigates under the Frigate Acquisition Project (FAP). Pohang-class Corvette Transfer Project (1st unit) (completed) - ex-ROKS Chungju (PCC-762), 7. Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (Batch 4) (completed) - Lung Teh/Propmech MPAC Mk. 155mm Howitzer, Self-Propelled System - Elbit Systems Soltam ATMOS 155mm/52cal Wheeled SPH, 7. Expected to be delivered to the Philippine Navy by September 2020, and will become one of the service's primary warship until the introduction of new and more powerful contemporaries. The MEKO-100 based frigate design. The Bangladesh Defence Analyst website is owned and published by DEFSECA.COM (A registered company). The mission capabilities of the frigates include … 18 May 2020. Ground-Based Air Defense System (GBADS) - Rafael SPYDER-MR air defense system, 5. To summarize, we believe that the following reasons are as follows: 4. Based on the specs provided by the Philippine Navy on TASS requirements, it was confirmed by a TWG member that they indeed used Thales Underwater Systems CAPTAS-2 as basis for the PN's requirement. The Kamorta-class large corvette design. At an estimated unit cost of less than $170 million the “Jose Rizal-class frigate” built by the Hyundai Heavy Industries for the Philippine Navy is a worthy light frigate or guided missile corvette solution for the Bangladesh Navy as well.

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