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Knowing it wouldn't be exactly like regular pasta, I gave it a try. By far the best low carb pasta on the market I've ever tried! ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Elbows Pasta is a revolutionary Elbows pasta that is soy free and shirataki free, low in net carbs, low in calories, and packed with fiber. Holds up well to sauces or just plain with butter. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Will definitely by again and again. Expensive but so worth it. Wish there was a discount for ordering larger quantities because I will be ordering more! No matter how long this pasta is cooked it doesn’t get soft enough to my liking but that will not stop me from ordering it again. Taste was awful. The first time I tried it, I loved it. If you miss pasta on a low carb diet, here's the solution. This would be great to have in my pantry. I did not have high hopes with this product but wanted to at least try it. :(. Texture is nice too! No one in the house knew it was low carb. These are quite decent!! I always check ratings and especially skim through the 1 ratings on reviews to see why someone disliked a product that bad to rate it a 1. Very chalky/starchy. Your email address will not be … $25.99. It is the lowest I can find through a mail order company. Yes, you need to cook it long enough for the texture to go from slightly crumbly to the excellent pasta texture you'd expect. I made a post hitting 99 lbs and once I hit the 98-102 range depending on water I went to maintenance to give myself more of a break on vacation. Any less and you are dealing with crunchy. Better than the Atkins pasta, but not as tasty as real wheat pasta. This is perfect. I have made mac n cheese, chicken alfredo, lasagna casserole, beef and noodles. I ended up buying a 6-pack box, it's not as great as I remember it being, but, it does the trick when I'm craving pasta. Do not overcook and it is amazing. Love them! I finally got to make Mac & cheese with the low carb elbow pasta. A really good alternative to regular pasta. All rights And it was great ( just make sure to cook for 13-15 minutes). Mac and cheese as well as my own low carb version of chili mac are back on the menu! - Use code ksalom25 for $25 off your first month! No claim or opinion on these pages is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. longer--, but the texture is almost forbidden-pasta texture. For being a low carb pasta noodle I love it with my tuna salad. You would never be able to tell that this pasta wasn't your standard elbow noodles. The ingredients are no more expensive than traditional pasta, but is 10 TIMES the price! Particularly with hamburger and tomatoes ... American Chop Suey basically. OneShot Keto Reviews & Price for Sale in Canada & USA: Read On. And that fake, squeaky, stuff was nasty! I hope they come out with every pasta shapes. Could have used only 1/2 a bag. This zero-carb product looks like noodles rather than pasta, but if you’re hardcore about cutting all the carbs out of your diet, they may be the best option for you. For elbows and rotini, I start checking at 6 to 7 minutes. I was on Keto for six months and recently switched to low carb at the beginning of this year. I miss pasta very much. Prices and information on these pages are I found this pasta to be excellent in flavor and I agree with some reviewers that the consistency may not be as firm as normal fettucine noodles but very close in my opinion and definitely close enough where 8g of carbs per serving beats the heck out of 40-50g in normal fettucine noodles. Thank you for having this available for us low carb eaters. It soaks up sauce better. I can't believe how good it tastes! Great product!!! Amazing! So I received this item in my sample box from ThinSlim and holy *!$& this is one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten. Finally, a low carb pasta that is really low carb. Especially when you are craving a genuine pasta experience. It's too expensive to eat regularly anyway so I won't worry too much about it. Smaller than suggested portions work very well for me - add a bit of cream, egg yolk, Boursin or Fontina, dust with parmesan and herbs.

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