how to set data in listview in android

List of all XML layout files : activity_main.xml file. The article precisely describes the method with all related topics and concepts. Following will be the content of res/layout/activity_main.xml file −, Following will be the content of res/values/strings.xml to define two new constants −, Following will be the content of res/layout/activity_listview.xml file −, Let's try to run our modified Hello World! You can use this adapter when your data source is an array. The ListVIew and ArrayAdapter are a pair of objects that are frequently exploited to display a list of data on the screen. You will define your list view under res/layout directory in an XML file. Checkable is a learning curve I prefer not to take right now. How to insert element to linked list for listview in Android? As we specified in the last tutorial, that an Adapter is used to covert data items into view objects which can be used to display as UI components. for this, you first need to add an edittext, where you will type to filter data from the list, then enable filteration in the list, editText = (EditText) findViewById(; adapter = new CustomListViewAdapter(this, R.layout.list_row, rowItems); listView.setAdapter(adapter); listView.setTextFilterEnabled(true); Position: It tells the position of the selected item in the array. Once you have array adapter created, then simply call setAdapter() on your ListView object as follows −. As soon as the app is started and you still haven't touched anything, the number of section is just one, as soon as you click, you can add another section (so at maximum you'll have two sections that will divide vertically your list) and populate it with the data you'll need.

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